AMOR Boutique

Client: AMOR Boutique carpentry
We have created a new logo design. We made the logo modern and clear. Our task was to show new trends in the world of carpentry and interior design.
We have created a clean and creative design. We noticed the transitions between the blocks of the website, reinforcing them with strict parallel lines.
We have combined website blocks and photos of customer services by making them transparent in order to enhance merging with design and color. The colors of the website and the solutions to darken the blocks betray our work with solidity and exclusivity. We have fully revealed the capabilities of our client and his commitment to excellence.
We launched a Facebook advertising campaign focused on the client’s target audience in order to attract new customers and receive new orders.
The result of our work was: firstly, Creating a full presentable brand for the client. Secondly, Creation of a modern stylish informative siteAnd thirdly, Increase in the volume of requests by 42%