Art Travel.

The company operates in the field
of Tourism and entertainment.
The company's goal was to get
a stylish logo and a bright
design for printed materials,
media advertising, etc.
We have developed a stylish
bright logo that charges with
a positive mood and gives the client
a foretaste of an unforgettable trip.
We have developed a stylish design for
calendars, magnets, cards, souvenirs
for Art Travel customers, so that these
lovely gifts are always in front of
their eyes and reminiscent of
a pleasant journey.
We have developed a stylish and vibrant
design of signboards, billboards,
We designed a logo, landing page and stylish media design
for the Talent Show advertising campaign organized by Art Travel.

Bright and creative branding created


The company is widely
represented on the Internet
and media.


The talent show "U-Talent" was
advertised and held