MD Andasa

Dan, director of the company for
the construction of cottages turned
to Green Lime to increase his visibility
and get more clients.
We received all the necessary
information from the client
and got down to work.
Our plan was:

  • Development of a unique logo
  • Create a landing page with aN
  • unique design
  • Development and launch of an
  • advertising campaign on Facebook

We have created a modern
logo and style
for the client.
We have developed a landing page
with a unique design, so that
customers of MD Andasa have
the opportunity to get acquainted
with the services of the company
and leave data for communication.
We launched a Facebook
advertising campaign
for several
different areas of the client's activity.
Every week we checked and optimized
advertising until we got the
desired result.
Bottom line: the brand page has been updated and redesigned. Now it is aimed at a large audience
of clients and meets both the tastes of young people and the interests of the older generation.
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