The Green Lime advertising agency was approached by Tal, the director of an interesting startup that manufactures and sells means for air purification using a probiotic.
:The goal of the client
to create a design for a new product, to increase the recognition of the product in different countries, to make a strong advertisement for the product on the Internet and on television.
We have created for the client a stylish creative packaging for the product, numerous signs and advertising posts, an information site in several languages ​​and a store site.
We launched a creative and fresh advertising campaign for the client in various media. For this purpose, informational and advertising videos were created, the target audience of the client was found, and bright advertising posts for social networks were created.
Among other things, we installed a program for business automation (CRM) for Tal and trained the client and his staff to work with the program.
Bottom line: The startup was successful. The business that started its journey from the very beginning
is now successful and recognizable in Israel, America, Georgia and other countries of the world.

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