• Market analysis
  • Identification of major competitors
  • Studying the current state of the business, identifying errors in conducting promotions
  • Analysis of customer social networks, tips for improving the maintenance of social networks
  • Design and manufacture of a package of printed materials: business cards, calendars, signs on staff offices, coffee glasses
  • Professional photography shooting workplace and staff
  • Professional photo shooting of goods-services
  • Shooting a simple video for use on the website / facebook
  • Shooting a video about the company (interview with the director, history of creation, or other interesting points
  • Creating a trade-in website
  • Professional copywriting
  • Development of an advertising strategy
  • Facebook page administration (posting, copywriting)
  • Instagram page administration (posting, copywriting)
  • Development and creation of a large advertising company to attract customers (advertising in social networks and media)
  • Conducting an advertising company
  • Report on an advertising campaign
  • Consultation on further brand promotion, based on the results of the work done